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Deergear - Boyfriends - Hey Hachi - Lost In Bazaar

US Vs Europe

Year Released: 2010
Format: Tape
Label: Eat A Book
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Mar 14, 2010
I've said it many times but I love DIY compilations (in this case it's more of a four way split) that bring together bands from different but related genres. Another simply put together but awesome release on Eat A Book, this record brings together two bands from the US and two from Europe, all fairly obscure.

The first two bands are from the US. Deergear kicks things off playing some solid hardcore. They are a two piece containing a member of Pyramids (the screamo band, not the metal one). This is pretty emo actually which makes me very much a fan. It reminds me of Sinaloa a little bit in the desperate vocals, though it sounds much more straightforward since there is only one guitar. I'm pretty sure there's a band that these guys sound really similar to but I can't think who right now. Really good overall.

Boyfriends are up next. I think they play somewhat gruff punk with lots of other influences. It's definitely got some emo going on in the mix. Whilst the instruments in the first song mainly groove along on it builds up and then there's nice post rock guitar part that really gets me going. Lots of variation, I'm not generally a fan of gruff vocals but I dig them here.

On the second side we have two bands from Europe. Hey Hachi are up first and these guys are from the UK. Another two piece, they play noodly indie rock. It's mostly instrumental, the two of them both chip in on vocals on occasion, sounding far away from the microphone and thus creating some sort of gang vocals. It's nice enough, I'm the wrong person to be reviewing indie though as I'm just not receptive enough to it. I'd definitely prefer more vocals too. Having that said, the second song 'Blackavar' has no vocals at all and is pretty damn good.

Finally, Lost In Bazaar from Turkey play two songs. If you follow my other reviews where I get excited about every screamo band that has ever existed you'll know that I really like these guys. Their demo brought back memories of Noisy Sins Of The Insect which made me very happy. Here they take that sound and make it a little more experimental; it feels like they are now taking some influences from their contemporary Turkish friends Burn Her Letters. The vocals are a little less harsh and there's elements of post rock in there too - particularly at the end of the second track. I still love it though, the vocals are amazing.

Overall, totally solid and worth picking up. I like all the bands, particularly chuffed that I have discovered Deergear.

14th March 2010

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