A horrible hack



Year Released: 2009
Format: LP
Label: Discos Huelga
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Mar 19, 2010
This band has been dead for some time now and from what I've read via various internet sources, these songs have been remastered and had lots of touching up done to them since their original release (see the uber-sloppy demo) . Anyhoo, it's out now and I picked up a copy. These guys - if you haven't already heard them - play really messy, passionate screamo. I'd probably say they're like a sloppier Jeromes Dream with smidgens of Funeral Diner chucked in, but a lot happier sounding. There's a fair few songs to get through here and I reckon there's just enough variation to see you through; there's twinkly sounding instrumentals that break up the more chaotic bits and it's probably necessary considering there's twelve or so songs on this release and most of them are pretty darn noisy. Regarding the remastering jobby on these songs: they sound a hell of a lot better than on the demo which was pretty much noise and nothing else. I mean, it's not perfect now, nor is it trying to be, but it does sound better. I think that's all there is to say really. Worth picking up if you ever feigned an interest in the band when they were active or if you're even vaguely interested in modern screamo at all. The tracks are a mixed bag with some being just "okay" and others being ggggreat. Track nine (they're numbered, no titles) is fucking killer. No joke.

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