A horrible hack


Slow It Down / Everything Else is Dead

Year Released: 2010
Format: Tape
Label: Tye Die Tapes
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Mar 29, 2010
This lot sent a couple of tapes in for review, and they certainly picked the right place to send them as I, personally, am generally appreciative of musical antics such as wot they do. This here tape is 6 tracks of shambolically recorded indie rock, with perilously out of tune vocals. It sounds all chequed shirts and shabby haircuts, a bit of a clumsy mess and all the better for it. There's hints of 90s indie rock heroes such as Dinosaur Jr and Archers of Loaf in this situation here, borrowing the concept of muddled melodies and doing it yourself, the way it oughta be. Most of the songs are way too short to really make a lasting impression, but standout is the epic by comparison Napolean at 3:54. It nudges it's way into earshot on sad sad guitars and distant voices. Emo as fuck. The recording is kind of weird, and I like it. When everything breaks down into bass and a guitar at one point, it squeals away in an endearingly lo-fi fashion, sounding like it was recorded on a Commodore Amiga or something. Anyway, more songs like that would suit me fine. Otherwise the songs are a bit too short and mucky to get a handle on, although "Food" is fun, buzzing away angrily with a bit of a herky-jerky post punk feel to shake things up a bit. Good start, will report back on the other tape in due course.

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