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Not As Plant

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Waterslide - Day Knee Art
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Apr 18, 2010
Imagine a world in which each artiste or performer is a different type of gastronomic delight. Where Enya is a pretentious high class Spanish wine, Iggy pop is a chocolate bar somebody sat on accidently and melted a bit, and U2 are more likely a selection of slightly overcooked roast potatoes. In this musical feast of delights, Dowzer are the cake that appears at the end of the birthday feast. They appear with a joyous fanfare, beaming faces, a smothering of icing and glowing candles.

I flipped the case on this CD open, and it was jammed with fliers, stickers, and even a humble little postcard introducing themselves. Someone put a lot of effort into this. Musically Dowzer arenít hugely complex, sounding broadly something like the Ataris, with female vocals. What does make them stand out however, is how optimistic and honest the music sounds. The lyrics are LOADS better than most bands of this type. I get fed up to the back teeth of pop-punk bands which sing about how they donít get girls / do get wasted, whereas Dowzer are more concerned with small town apathy, and trying to remain positive in the face of substantial adversity. There is something charming in the way the words are strung together and how they ring over the music. This is actually a grizzly country-punx record in disguise!

Iím not surprised Dowzer and other bands from the Netherlands excel at the summery saccharine element - every time Iíve been to, or through Holland itís been bathed in glorious sunshine. Iíve decided itís always sunny there, in the face of any contrary evidence. Dowzer fit right into the lengthy list of completely worthwhile poppy Dutch bands like the Apers, the Stillettos or the Travoltas.

Youíll be able to figure out if you want this. You slavishly keep up-to-date with whatever Stardumb are releasing? You listened to Screeching Weasel when you got up today? Then this record is for you! And me as well.

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