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Best Coast

Sun Was High (So Was I)

Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Art Fag
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on May 7, 2010
Fuck yeah more Best Coast. I think this is a repress but I am just glad to have gotten these songs. "Sun Was High (So Was I)" is so spot on, if you've heard this band by now then you know exactly what to expect. Fuzzed out stoner pop with great great vocals from Ms Consentino. I think generally in Best Coast reviews I beg for an LP and compare the music to Katie the Pest. Better keep up appearances eh? Anyway. What a killer song, it's all gone cloudy and time is getting on tonight and the best I can hope for this evening is to cook up a pizza, drink more beers and try and write some more reviews, but this song is keeping me going. Two shorter tracks on the flip, on "So Gone" it all gets a touch depressing, a bassy drone soundtracks the lament "You say that you don't have time for me, so I move along, and now I'm gone... so gone". We wind up with "That's the Way Boys Are", which leans on the classic girl group sound, but buries it under the lumpy fuzz smartly. Oof. What a good single.

I think this is probably the best stuff from Best Coast to date, always smitten with this shit! LP?
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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