A horrible hack

Lenny Savage


Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on May 13, 2010
I am mostly sympathetic to this CD due to the very pleasant hand written note that Lenny has put in here. The music is sort of folk or country-ish influenced pop music, some of it would fit very nicely onto the soundtrack of a Brit "rom-com" or a gentle Sunday afternoon on Radio 2. It has plenty of influences from pop music of days gone by, and Lenny's vocals are very strong and give the music a lot of character, it's just perhaps that Collective Zine is not the place that her music is going to receive the devotion that someone who enjoys this style is going to give it. I noticed on the Myspace page that one of the influences was Fairground Attraction, and I recalled my Mum playing their album to death in the late 80s on a summer trip to Scotland and back to visit my Great Aunt. I can definitely hear some elements of that band in the music here, but I doubt too many of you readers are massive Fairground Attraction fans eh!

However, given that she took the time to write and personalise this offering rather than dull my senses with an overblown press release, I find myself being more fair minded in my thoughts than I might have otherwise been inclined to. I like that Lenny articulated how this record came about, and why she made this record and everything related to it entirely by herself. I also liked that she almost wrote "my fowl memory", but corrected it without too much fuss. This is honest, genuine pop music, of a kind you probably don't hear much these days, and fair play to Lenny for having the gumption to get all of this together in a music world that doesn't encourage such a personal approach. I think I am going to pop this in the post to my Ma, and see if it can find a more appreciating home. (and indeed she did like it)

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