A horrible hack

Perhaps Contraption

Sludge & Tripe

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on May 19, 2010
Um. This is rather hard. Attempting to give an objective or sensible review to this would be like trying to review the colour purple, or a roll of sellotape. I’m not trying to be difficult or funny in any way, perhaps a few quotes picked at random from the insert would help illustrate what I’m up against

“You make the coffin look cleaner than bad memes, you make it come out green”

“may glabrous, gilded fetlocks caress the surface of yr most feral desires”

“Tetrahedreron choked a fat swan, A pathoenic cuboid lodged in swans neck”

The rest of the album, inserts and promo sheet is densely covered in similar nonsense, often written quite small or in a different colour, utilising what looks like every font available in microsoft word. It unfortunately comes across as being deliberately obtuse, where a sentence could be written perfectly coherently, it seems as if some word randomly selected from a thesaurus has been shoehorned in instead. This just makes the whole arrangement extremely hard to understand or read fluidly, which is a real shame, because I think some of the songs are actually about topics and subjects that would be of interest.

Musically they describe themselves as avant-rock quirk mongers dealing with “anti folk” and “field noise”, but to my ears it just sounds like an incoherent mess. Sure, the songs are wilfully experimental, careening between genres and time signatures, yelps, barks weird noises aplenty. I just can’t help shake the nagging feeling that some of this is for the sake of it. Maybe this might appeal to some, but there isn’t really anything here that sticks out as memorable, or would make me want to come back to it again.

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