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Fellow Project - Thousandaires


Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: Kiss Of Death Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on May 24, 2010
Thousandaires is the latest in a seemingly unending line of bands that sound like Latterman and Hot Water Music. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as I enjoy rocky, gruff vocalled, melodic post-hardcore as much as the next guy who stopped buying Hot Water Music records after No Division, but I do feel as though I have just about had my fill, and have had to loosen up my belt a notch. Guys in this band have done things like Bridge and Tunnel, Get Bent and Halo Fauna. If you like that stuff, and you like all the other stuff I mentioned, then this will be your bag. I just wish one of these bands would get stoned and decide to sound like Blacktop Cadence instead.

Fellow Project have intrigued me with their releases so far. I've enjoyed what I've heard without being blown away, but "Not This And Nothing Else" is captivating. The guitars are so perfectly in line with Ethel Meserve and Giants Chair, it's uncanny. You simply do not hear bands playing this kind of intricate, tight emo. It's mathy without being wanky, with male and female vocals combining and contrasting very nicely. But my favourite bits are when those guitars snake around magnificently. The second song abandons this approach somewhat, sounding like if Rites of Spring gone a bit Springsteen?! It works. I'd really love to hear the band do a full length in the vein of Purity & Control or the Milton Abandonment, but I suspect only 15 other people would. Pah.

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