A horrible hack



Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: Sound Fiction
Reviewed by Joe Callaghan on Jun 1, 2010
I love packaging. Don’t you? You should. Avant-garde aesthetics are the only one-up music as a physical entity has left over the iTunes generation and their digital electronic files on an increasingly capricious means of storage. This 7” is magnificently packed in sturdy construction card and excellent print, with an enclosure which closes firmly, like a vinyl fortress or a box of cereal. Beautiful. You should buy it just to look at it. Fully worth it.

Bouvet back up the allure of the packaging with pleasant, swelling indie rock, though it barely rocks. Swaying, perhaps? Yes, it gently sways through progressive moods with the most temperate ease. The record twinkles without being needlessly technical, and stirs emotion without ever getting hot headed. Bouvet could easily be compared to On A Wire era Get Up Kids, which is by no means a bad thing, as I certainly enjoy that album as far as semi-acoustic, placid indie that could easily be on the soundtrack of any E4 teen drama goes. This follows a similar mould, as the guitars are turned down along with the tempo, and simple structures evolve in a ear-pleasing manner. There’s rarely a hook, but a constant mood which is built on rather than constantly chopped and changed. A sterling release heartily recommended to anyone who wants to sob into a pillowcase on a rainy weekend.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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