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Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Soft City Records
Reviewed by Chaz Hewitt on Jun 2, 2010
PEOPLE OF CZINE NOTE: This review is heavily biased. Since getting this tape I’ve been chatting to these guys a bunch and looks like I’m going to be putting out a tape with them. But, hey, that’s a pretty good review in itself!

Regardless I figured a few people on the C might be into this.

Ignore the errrmmmm... band name and this is poppy, garage punk gold.

Six tracks of rocking lo-fi garage pop fun. Not in the hipster way either, just short and simple punk songs with fun and catchy vocals. Their influences on myspace are ‘Sonic Youth vs. Elvis Costello’ which is pretty accurate I think.

There are a couple of stand out tracks for me on here. ‘Think About It’ has a brilliant guitar melody that runs throughout the song, and some fantastic lazy vocals. ‘Wonder Why’ is just a great pop song, and has been stuck in my head for days at a time! Not all the songs quite reach the heights of these two, but overall this is a great little release. Awesome artwork as well; homage to the bands love of comic books!

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