A horrible hack


We Are A Unit

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Brew Records
Reviewed by Figg on Jun 8, 2010
There seems to be a lot going on Leeds at moment and these guys seem to be amongst it all. Itís a slab of a record, a real thick slab of sounds and heavy Claypoolesque bass riffs and an off kilter drum attack. It must be difficult to get this onto record without losing the mental sounds they produce live. Having seen these guys live it is a tangled noise that somehow manages to get out through the PA. What is outstanding here is the vocal delivery, ear splitting - almost like an inbuilt human auto tune to get the high ranges. The albumís twisted sounds come through from a variety of places from rap through metal. Donít get me wrong this ainít no rap metal. Itís like the jaws of life cutting through an auto wreck with sharp precise lyrics and a nice bit of studio proggery to finish it all off.

Whilst some tracks like Hooligans take a different tack with added sax lines, songs like ĎWe donít go the Ravenholmí have radio hit feel to him which I think is not far off. Catch these guys on the up.

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