A horrible hack



Year Released: 2010
Format: LP
Label: parade of spectres - This One's For the Crew - Internationale - autumn jams
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Jun 11, 2010
I won’t make any comments about how this has been in the pipeline for about eighty years. That would provide a silly start to a review, so I shan’t do that. I first came across this band when I bought the Battle of Wolf 359 Split, which was really quite good. One of those rare 7s you might spend the best part of an hour jumping up to flip and flip, making you look like you have some highly specialised form of ADHD. I don’t have to get up and flip this as often as that though, ‘cause it’s a bigger record, which is handy.

I think Kaddish secretly know me, and what I like too well; why else would they start off a record this way? With a wry grin ‘Sans Doute’ trots smartly off the line, guitars hissing all over the place. Quick break, some jingles, singing comes back with twice the sincerity.. Without a pause we’re then straight into the second track, where it sounds like Kaddish have suddenly found 10 extra guitars lying around the recording studio, and decided to play them all at the same time. It’s completely fucking brilliant. It’s like all the bits I love about something like Louise Cyphre, where the song just gets really REALLY intense.

I think what really lifts this record up is how inventive it is. It’s not just two sides of frantic harsh emoting, the tempo keeps swinging, one minute it’s full tilt abrasion, then suddenly the pace drops softly humming away something like Catena Collapse. There are points where the vocals are almost chanted, the way they round out the record is night flawless. You know when you see a really awesome set from a band live, and right afterwards this weird temporary silence descends where people look slightly wide eyed at each other thinking ‘shitohwowthatwasprettyphenominalyouthink?yeahmetoo!’ This record ends just like that. Serious.

I should also mention that as with the previous split, the other thing that makes this record more compelling than just on a musical level is the thought given to the packaging and the thought provoking themes/words that run throughout, even if I can’t entirely decipher them all. I’m going to have to steal a comment I’ve seen in conjunction with Kaddish a few times to this to sum up. Extremely original I know, but Scotland, You just lost your best kept secret. If Kaddish don’t see fit to play a few shows round and abouts the place, I’m not only going to spit my dummy out, but proper scatter my toys everywhere, and try and tip my pram all the way over.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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