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Dude Japan

Simple Living

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: rok lok
Reviewed by Dan Bennett on Jul 11, 2010
Dude Japan are a band that seem to improve with every release and the fact the initial demo was of such high calibre must be a clear indication of where the band now lie. The progression since said demo is impressive to say the least, from the static hiss of the indie pop to the fully fledged Indie Rock present here.

Simple Living follows on from their split with Weed Hounds continuing a sound that is now fully realised, ditching the 4 track in favour of a more refined studio approach. Not really a coincidence for saying the ep was recorded during the same sessions.

Not only are there higher production values, but the song writing of the band has changed dramatically, rather than carrying on the indie pop found on the demo, the band have ventured out into more of an early 90s indie rock sound. The whole ep is scattered with nods to the giants of Indie Rock, opener The Seattle Freeze (has come to NY) comes to life with a verse Id normally associate with a band like Seam, whilst the Na Na Naaas of the later bridge lend heavily from Scottish Indie Rockers Urusei Yatsura. Slacker Ballad Wasted & Unwanted also tips its hat to the messy beauty of bands like Lou Barlows Sebadoh, a wonderfully fuzzy song thats full of bum notes and sloppy riffs that still manage to sound majestic.

Somehow Dude Japan has managed to encapsulate the sound of 90s Indie Rock in a mere 6 songs, something that can be considered no small feat in todays climate and completely restores my faith in modern Indie Rock. BUY IT.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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