A horrible hack

Break it Down

Three Songs

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Jul 22, 2010
Don’t reckon I’ve come across something this refreshingly honest for a while. I was slightly suspicious when I had a peek at the bands website & description. There are at least 30 times more scruffy melodic hardcore bands flapping around than there need to be, Fat Michael has a lot to answer for. Not in this case I feel, however. Break it down manage to rewind the clock to somwehere around two thousand and whenever, when Consumed rocked the shit out of my world. Come to think of it they still do.

Some of this band used to be in Parade of Enemies, and this is fairly apparent in the opener “Get up and Go”, which takes about 2 minutes to take a good stab at the sentiment of the song title. I’m actually surprised how easy this is to listen to, given that most of the recent efforts from the usual epi-fat purveyors have been spectacularly DULL. The remaining two songs manage to effectively channel something that’s similar to early Good Riddance. The lyrical content even manages to sound like something Russ would be responsible for ... ya know- “Corporate Bribes!/ Political Crimes!/ This all ends today!" ... Break it down pounce in, take a few wildly sweeping hooks left and right, and are gone before you know it. Damn.

If you’d suggest that a new band of this genre would be worthy of even cursory attention, I’d have arched a very sceptical eyebrow in your direction, but I’d have been in error sir, I surely would. A succinct and to-the-point review for a succinct and to-the-point band seems suitably appropriate.

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