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Spraynard - Break the Habit


Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: This One's For the Crew - Salby Records
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jul 24, 2010
Spraynard is dead popular in the whole beardy gruff dude scene, the last stuff I heard by them actually managed to stand out in a vastly over-crowded arena. This pair of songs seem more than a little predictable however, with plenty of chuggy guitar and gang vocals to yell your heart out too. I guess if you are into the whole post-Latterman scene, high fiving in the mosh pit and posi activities, then Spraynard will be probably up your alley, however this doesn't really have much to offer to someone offering a more dispassionate view. That someone being myself. It is absolutely by the numbers, disposable, gruff-man generica.

Break the Habit on the other hand are fresh and fun. "Driving Home" seems to be their go at writing an emo song, the intro is right out of the Braid handbook and then you have their ridiclous vocals kicking in. If you heard the split with Bangers you'll probably know what I am talking about, but I think he's been listening to more Get Up Kids or something. It's hard to describe it - whiney, but shouty, with yelps and wails going on. Very peculiar. The music is fun and rocking, and I am really perplexed at how "The Night Watch" sort of sounds like a mix of the two bands I mentioned in this paragraph aleady gone a bit melodic punk. I didn't expect that. There are gang vocals. I've written enough reviews now when I have whined about gang vocals so I won't do that this time, just take it as read. I'm not sure I like this is as much as the previous split 12", but "The Night Watch" is a real blast and carries this 7" all on its own. Nice one.

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