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SATAN - After The Last Sky


Year Released: 2009
Format: 7"
Label: Circus Of The Macabre - Crucificados - Slow Riot - Rawby - Fuck Copyright - Zaraza - 3am 6am
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 2, 2010
SATAN have adopted the Iron Lung line-up of just two fellas playing drums and guitar whilst bellowing their fucking heads off. While similar to that band's fast blasts or a de-teched Discordance Axis, these guys have no frills about them and the pace never seems to dip below a hell-for-leather charge headlong toward oblivion. It's totally fucking relentless, and when coupled with some interesting "shit or get off the pot" words about not allowing life to pass you by you're left with a rather tasty morsel.

For some reason I was expecting some sort of epi-crust thing from After The Last Sky, but instead they're a far more interesting mix of grind, crust and metal, recalling perhaps a sprightlier, modernised take on what Confrontation were doing all those years back. Both of their songs address the issue of climate change, the first sending out the rather stark message that while we're all being told to sift through our recycling and carpool with coworkers, big business is chucklingly sending our planet to hell in a handcart far quicker than we can rinse out yoghurt pots. Cheerless but true, and a neat way to round out this brutal little offering.

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