A horrible hack


the Plains

Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: No Sleep
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Aug 20, 2010
Anyone reviewing this seven inch is instantly going to point out that it features a guy from Elliott and Falling Forward, plus people from other mostly forgotten 90s bands such as Mouthpiece and the Enkindels. Veterans, it can be safely said. The record even looks like something from the late 90s post hardcore scene, lavishly made with a lot of care and attention, a three panel fold out utilising letter press printing. Oh my! It's a shame then that the music is a touch pedestrian and doesn't live up to the delightful packaging. Mid-paced, melodic and moody post-hardcore that has a definite 90s feel, taking parts of Falling Forward and Hot Water Music and neatly arranging them for Higdon to emote passionately over. It is very solid, particularly "Radiomine" with the second half of the song entering Rites of Spring territory (at least vocally), and if you yearn for the days when there were new records of this nature to check out somewhat more frequently than there is now, then this will do the trick. I am hoping that the LP can bring a bit more to the table, but this is at least decent and should tide you over if you miss this sound.

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