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End to EMpires


Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Beefy Records
Reviewed by Tony on Aug 27, 2010
Heavy neo-metal core as if it was from suburban America complete with all the effects of genre –chugga chugga riffs tag-teaming with double bass drums parts, with rapid tempo breaks that don’t seem to serve any other purpose than to allow moshers a chance to stop and wait for the chugga chugga to start again so they can mosh off in the opposite direction, with ultra-generic NYHC bodybuilder type mob chorus.

There’s a large man upfront - who reminds every bit of another large man, who sings in a Vice Magazine popular Canadian crossover band — and I would like to imagine the rest of the band as ‘suburban punks’ in Vans shoes and facial piercings, questionable emo fringe haircuts and black nail polish.

But while most bands in this genre seem to strive for mainstream recognition more than anything else, the End to Empires sound is indeed very danceable and that shit you can’t fake. End to Empires are not at all bad, quite the opposite if I had to be honest.

As is typical of genre, the music comes packaged in way too much Photoshop showing black-and-white photos of cold autumn forestry (which makes this emo?). The band name may seem vaguely political, but in all likelihood it's derived from the Star Wars franchise.

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