A horrible hack

Royal Headache


Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: R.I.P. Society
Reviewed by Adam Fleet on Aug 30, 2010
Ok I donít want to oversell this, but itís better than 10 Super Bowls! Sydneyís ROYAL HEADACHE offer up a 4 track debut 7Ē of complete and utter joy. Taking a hearty influence from 60ís soul/pop bands as much as they do the garage punk rock, itís all primal drumming, jangly guitar and throbbing bass. Throw in a dustbin production, the retro stylings of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and hint of Ted Leo in the vocals and all youíre left to do is answer one question:
Q: Record of the year?
A: Record of the year.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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