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Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Arena Rock
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Sep 27, 2010
For those that don't know and didn't bother to read Andy's recent review of their 7", Frontier(s) is the current project of former Elliott/Falling Forward frontman Chris Higdon, and for those familiar with those bands, particularly the former, there will be no real surprises here. Basically what you have is a much more rocking version of later Elliott, it has that super clear, crisp production but tied to a much more thumping (but also more varied) collection of material. If you are curious but unfamiliar with Elliott (imagine that) I guess the most direct alternative description I can manage is to say it's a sort of U2 influenced melodic-post-hardcore-indie with some very nice warm, soaring vocals, the sort of stuff that was popular once but rarely seems even attempted these days... and yes, I am painfully aware both 'indie' and 'post hardcore' are pretty much meaningless terms in 2010, but I'm just getting back into this reviewing game, so nuts to you.

Overall I do still quite like this sort of thing, and this is as good an example of it as you'll find these days I reckon, if I have a criticism it's that the cd I have of this jumps about all over the place during the second half of the album for no reason that I can see, manufacturing fault? It's very annoying anyway. You've potentially been warned. (A member of the band has since sorted Damien out with a working copy - cool! ED)

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