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Island Living

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Holy Roar - Tangled Talk Records
Reviewed by Michael Stewart on Oct 1, 2010
It may be taken as dismissive or it may be the ultimate compliment, but the first thing that comes to mind listening to Bastions is that Cursed, in their absence, seem to be doing for hardcore what Screeching Weasel have done for so much of pop-punk. One spin of this ‘promo copy’ and you’ll be wondering who left the gate open at the guitar graveyard to let all of Christian McMaster’s spare riffs out. Make no mistake, this is well-executed stuff, and listenable enough for fans of the aforementioned Canadians and similar outfits. Yet as much as it’s redundant to criticise a hardcore band for moving in ever-decreasing musical circles, Bastions seem to be drifting down with the spiral rather than riding up it as the many press luminaries cited on their behalf suggest. Island Living contains ostensibly angry music, but when it arrives as a CD- R approximation of a promised 7”, cloaked in a bog-standard industry one sheet that leaves nothing to the imagination bar the actual lyrics and any meaningful artwork, there’s the creeping sense that this is really just an echo of more significant songs from superior, now-deceased bands.

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