A horrible hack


Reason Will Falter

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Michael Stewart on Oct 5, 2010
Compliments must go to the chef here, because the packaging for this CD is accomplished indeed – a utilitarian screenprinted cardboard gatefold put together by hand that shames a lot of aesthetic non-efforts and over-reachers that get wider release. Outwardly the band seem to be investing in the spartan design vocabulary of millennial screamo bands, but contained within is some pretty damn metallic hardcore. The music is more than competent, if not particularly spectacular. Neifenbach appear very catholic in their taste for the various facets of ‘modern’ hardcore; there’s as much From Ashes Rise in here as there is Sworn Enemy, for example. This keeps the appeal wide and affords a relative freshness to the material. Equally, though, might it be said that this is the drawback, in that the songs rarely become more than the sum of their parts. Still, a decent effort, and worth a look (and listen) for those into the heavier side of things.

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