A horrible hack



Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Either / Or
Reviewed by Joe Callaghan on Oct 10, 2010
Popular punk for kids in new era caps and jeans slung below their boxers. Itís a little bit Lifetime, which isnít necessarily a bad thing, but the copyists have rarely bettered the blueprint, and Iíd rather listen to Lifetime than a sound-alike. Unfortunately, Dan Yemin has got a lot to answer for within this explosion of melodic hardcore pop punk. The copyists gradually become more and more contrived and generally look sillier. Maker arenít exactly bad. Itís just a little pedestrian, and there are certainly worse offenders out there. I heard Four Year Strong for the first time this weekend. What the fuck is that? Sounds like if East 17 played guitars. Iím sure all them young Ďuns think theyíre Ďradí with their FYS tattoos, and lip pierced couples will probably claim one of their songs to be Ďtheirí song. Iím just not wired for that sort of guff. It sounds computer generated, and itís all brightly coloured, trying to have me believe that life is great, and everything works out in the end. What a fucking con. Life is shit and everything is expensive. You can grab the junk of you and your bros all you want, but it is. Get with the programme.

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