A horrible hack



Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Withered Hand
Reviewed by Michael Stewart on Oct 11, 2010
To be abrupt – Koresh play sludge as quickly as possible. Or so it seems to these ears. Crippledriver demands a few listens before the inevitable union of fingers and keyboard, which could well be to the band’s credit. That, sadly, is about as remarkable as proceedings get here. There’s more than a faint whiff of Buzzoven around the 9 tracks on offer, however Koresh seem to have taken the punk underpinnings of said band to illogically brief conclusions. Rarely is any group charged with this misdemeanour, but the majority of their songs are simply too short, too epigrammatic to really satisfy. And while these songs never meander – there simply isn’t enough time for them to do so, after all – the cumulative effect of their careening brevity is that the listener could be at almost any point in the record and not know the difference. Only by the time ‘Airborne Sumo’ and ‘Chinaski’ come around (tracks seven and eight respectively) does the pace change sufficiently for you to perk up and realise that the disc is still spinning. Going on the strength of these tracks, future efforts may be better; for the most part, though, this is strangely listless.

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