A horrible hack

Circle Bros


Year Released: 2010
Format: LP
Label: Morc
Reviewed by Figg on Oct 13, 2010
First full length album for a while from Morc Records main guy, Wim Lecluyse, under the Circle Brothers moniker. The opening track is a luscious 8 minute soaring ambient piece with a range of instruments and a heavily delayed guitar strum providing the backing and over the top of spacious undecipherable vocal drones with a hypnotic maraca and cyclic hum. Track two kicks in with a single note drone with distorted delayed whispers reminding me of oneohtrix point never in his quieter moments. The third track is the albums highlight with an almost field recording sound of the wind - gentle clicks and loops with an occasion vocal inflection dipping in and out. Track 4 on the album is the most song like track on the album although with single note keyboard drone and single string delayed gutiar filling in the texture. Track 5 dips into Hawkwind territory without the pace and drums but slides along nicely with some interesting sounds. The closer is an arpeggio style guitar track run through the delay. Although the album is quite sparse its sound is very deep and layered and pushes out some interesting sounds capes. This album is not a quick a listen but asks the listener to spend a little time to hear whatís going on.

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