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Direct Hit! - Mixtapes


Year Released: 2010
Format: Download
Label: Kind of Like Records
Reviewed by james pacanowski on Oct 14, 2010
Four song split that is technically a two song split, as both bands play the same two songs (one an original, one a cover of the other band). I'm not sure whether this was the best idea considering both bands are hardly a million miles from each other but onward nevertheless.

First up is Direct Hit from Milwaukee. They play dumb and shouty pop-punk with a guitar sound borrowed from Andrew WK's more party-oriented repertoire (their version of Werewolf Shame even uses some WK-esque barks). It's hard not to like. Pool party pop-punk decked in Hawaiian shirts and drinking from red cups.

Mixtapes from Cincy are also pretty dumb. Their other output is less rambunctious, but it would appear that they let all hang out on this split as they drop indie-rock pretenses and go straight for the pop-punk jugular. Back-and-forth male and female vocals mean they are at least a little distinguishable from Direct Hit and also the reason why I think their side may edge Direct Hit's, but it's only a marginal difference.

This is enjoyably braindead pop-punk but again I question the format of having both bands play the same two songs when there is so little that separates the two already. One of those splits where you can't listen to both sides consecutively.

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