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Sunglasses Under all Stars

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Oct 27, 2010
A group of fellows from a small municipality in Northern Italy who had never played together before, went into a studio for ten days, pressed play and record on their cassette player and laid down an albums worth of songs “inspired by nature and dreams.”

The album that resulted from this rather bizarre experiment sits somewhere between Maroon 5 and Vitalogy era Pearl Jam, so quite why the record label thought it would be a good idea to send it to Andy Mal's website, I've no idea.

The kind of middle aged woman who works in an office, reads those fucking Stephanie Meyer books and has a Purple Ronnie mug with a poem about chocolate on it would love this, everyone else would think it was fairly mundane AOR gubbins with some of the strangest lyrics I've ever encountered.

I am of course aware that removing a single lyric from the context of the song in which it appears is a wholly unfair and largely immature method of getting a cheap laugh, so it is for this reason that I firmly believe the good people of Collectivezine need to know the full lyrics of song number 7, so they might understand the true nature of this album.

The Mouse in the Corn Flakes Box

I just got a lot of food and I was running home
when I saw what you like the best
I thought strongly of you darling.

Your favourite corn flakes
the biggest box you ever saw
I imagined a romantic dinner for you

but when I was inside for some strange reason
the box fell down and I was caught in a trap.

There's a little mouse in the corn flakes box.

I hear a terrible mew
I think there's a cat outside
he knows I'm around
I'm going insane
my life's about to end
but my biggest fear is I wont see you again.

There's a little mouse in the corn flakes

If only we mice had a supermarket
where we could buy those damned corn flakes
which weren't really that good, darling.

I swear on my life that I haven't made any of that up; the song sounds like something Derek Griffiths would have sung on Playaway in 1984.

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