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All Bees to the Sea

Year Released: 2010
Format: LP
Label: Destructure Records
Reviewed by Joe Callaghan on Nov 3, 2010
Taint have been around forever. They are like Thin Lizzy, and will probably never split up until all of them are dead. At least in their long, laborious lifespan, instead of petering out, they continue to better themselves, and this slab of sound is certainly no different. All Bees To The Sea is a great leap forwards from their last full length, as they groove their way over 3 chunks of familiar noise, and on the flipside, the epic 12 minute title track which ploughs through countless shifts in time and tone. Side A is more of the same, but slicker and much more profound than previous efforts, with its increasingly unpredictable jolting rhythms and massive grooves. There is a distinct Melvins resemblance, with the mathematical headache structures of Keelhaul, thrown in with moderation, keeping a healthy divide between foot-stomps and what-the-fucks. The structures are engaging and inspiring as Taint trudge back and forth between crooked, complex off-shoots and huge, memorable chops, whilst the throat-grinding bark maintains the sense of belligerence throughout, even through the major-key, stadium-rock noodling. The marathon battle on Side B doesnít stray too far away from Taintís niche, but displays unaccountable yet imposing ambitious structuring, which flows almost like a journey through sound, as it moves from one segment to the next. A medley of sorts, which showcases everything Taint are capable of, whilst never being too flamboyant or cosmetic. It frequently shifts in pace, but remains thunderous and almost tribal throughout in a relentless charge. They played the whole of Side B on their recent tour with Manatees which my band were downright fluky enough to open the Aberdeen leg of, and their veteran status simply canít be denounced, as they speared through their set in a remarkably well-oiled fashion at village-destroying volumes. Most triumphant, and a thoroughly excellent record to boot. Quite easily my favourite so far. Get this in your fucking lugs.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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