A horrible hack

Boris Smile


Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Count Your Lucky Stars
Reviewed by Nadia Almashoor on Nov 11, 2010
Once upon a blue moon ago, Tree, Southern and Polyvinyl got together and made one very amazing compilation with some undeniably amazing bands. It was a compilation that defined the season of seasons. How fitting that ‘Rockets’ journeyed its way to me at this time of the year, of all times. And if Count Your Lucky Stars was a time traveller, well... no prizes for guessing where and when they’d end up.

With six players (and many contributors), I expected a majestic orchestra to overwhelm and pin me down like the national cheerleading squad. Instead, Boris Smile are more like the librarians and nurses of the society. Always there for you without much audience to applaud them. Good impressions are already etched without them having to prove anything. Sometimes they might just slip up a bit but it’s not that big of a deal. No wonder they made it to the CYLS roster.

6 tracks that hum along quietly in the background of your attic while you’re sipping on hot cider and looking at old photos and letters stashed in all-star shoeboxes. 6 tracks that fit together like patchwork and there isn’t one that I could single out that demands more attention. Song titles and lyrics however depict some galactic / astronaut fetish but I’d rather not get into that.

Overall, they’re pleasant fodder and could end up in a mixtape you’re making for a certain someone. (If you still do those kind of things, that is.)

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