A horrible hack



Year Released: 2010
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Nadia Almashoor on Nov 19, 2010
Late 90's indiemo revivalism in the house! Poppy and noodly and jumpy and catchy and gruffy vocals that spell summer fun! It's summer in Australia. So let's all stop feeling miserable and teleport ourselves there and pretend we're basking on the beach or sitting in the park eating gelato. I liked what I heard so much I wrote to the bass player and asked if they had any releases left. They did! ONE split cassette tape with Fine Lines (who sound really angry) and ONE cd left but only to be sold as a pair. Too bad shipping costs an arm and a leg and I haven't any of those extra. Boo for me. But getting on with the times, I settled for the download version which has songs from both releases as well as inserts. So it's almost like being in Australia in summer sans koalas and gelato. Braid worshippers shouldn't have to look much farther. These kids pretty much nailed it. I want to hear more and I want them to be on vinyl. Hopefully by then, I would have some extra limbs to spare.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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