A horrible hack



Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: React!
Reviewed by Danny Parsons on Nov 19, 2010
Two tracks on this 7" and they follow on in relatively the same vein as the bands last 7" which I thoroughly enjoyed. The first track - "Post Date" - kicks off in a Max Colby build-up-esque fashion and then pretty much explodes all over your ears. I really quite like the melodic break on this track with the vocals sort of spoken over the top and whatnot...then it gets all punk again to finish which is cool. The second track - "Saving face" - has this totally grooving bassline - a la Shotmaker - that runs right through it. Makes the song for me if I'm honest and the other instruments/vocals compliment it perfectly. It's pretty flat-out and has all these harsh stop-start sections which makes a nice contrast to the first track. All said and done, this 7" is a sweet follow-up to last years "Scars" 7" and has a much fuller, more developed sound. Real nice stuff that sits well with traditional 90s emo, if being ever so slightly more polished. The record came with a bunch o' goodies too. Awesome.

Apologies to the band for being slack in doing this review. Education and general forgetfulness occasionally trump punk I'm afraid!

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