A horrible hack


Otros Mundos

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Alone (Spain)
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Nov 19, 2010
The press release for this mentioned VOIVOD but there must have been one of those infernal mixups which are always happening in Rentaghost because the music on the disc didn't sound like VOIVOD at all.

It also said that it sounded like the soundtrack to a horror film from the 1970s, but once again those blundering idiots at the CD pressing factory must have been too busy doing their football pools to notice what was happening to the big CD machine because I didn't think it sound like a horror film score at all.

Then I found out what had happened.

You know Kenny? Kenny. You know him, that geezer who used to do the 239 route before he got sacked for letting his friends on without touching their Oyster cards on the reader. Kenny. Well Kenny was kicked off the dole last month and even though he said it was because of all the government cut backs and that, I know for a fact that it was because he got caught doing some cash in hand with his mate who's a painter and decorator.

Well Kenny did a few carboots and won himself some money when West Ham beat Stoke in the league cup but he was down to his last fiver when his cousin Mad Terry, you know that geezer who stabbed that bloke in Chicken Cottage for taking his Fanta, well Mad Terry got Kenny a job in a CD pressing factory in Spain didn't he and he was there when the Cuzo album was going in the machine and he was meant to be looking after it and making sure nothing went wrong but instead of just spending five minutes watching the big CD machine he went off and did a toot off the dashboard of some fellas Renault Twingo and when he came back the Cuzo album had only gone and got mixed up with an album of half realised, instrumental gubbins which nobody in their right mind would go within a hundred yards of.

But Kenny didn't care, because Kenny's Kenny and Kenny doesn't give a fuck does he? He got his hundred pesetas or whatever it was and he fucked off down the nearest English speaking bar for a skinful of Carling didn't he?

Oh Kenny.

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