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Resurrectionists - Arse Moreira


Year Released: 2010
Format: 6"
Label: React With Protest - Moment of Collapse
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Nov 22, 2010
The arrival of Resurrectionists in recent times has been very welcome. There is no doubt that they absolutely nail this kind of hardcore, with all members proficient in their role in the band, be it drumming like a machine, racing through power chords, or delivering ultra-intense vocals. They only have three minutes on this 6'' so the first song is a little puzzling, being a two minute track without vocals; instead relying on audio samples straight out of the Systral handbook. This would be better as a track on a longer record and leaves only a minute for the band's second track, which thankfully rages in traditional fashion. If you are a newcomer to the band then check out their LP or split with Battle Of Wolf 359 first. If you are already a fan then I'll leave it in your capable hands as to whether it's worth a purchase.

The other side may help you make your mind up, with Arse Moreira contained on it. These guys were a fairly unrecognised screamo band from Mexico during their time, releasing splits with Kidcrash and Beneath Low Flying Planes, and also appearing on the Connections Part I split. On this split they showcase their final two songs, with members since having gone onto play in Theraps and Te Lloraia Un Puto Rio. They remind me of a faster version of Kidcrash, playing somewhat technical screamo with occasional quiet parts, ala Louise Cyphre. If that sounds like your sort of thing then get on board. I don't think they are an essential band to listen to but their take on screamo is worthy and certainly has its place.

22nd November 2010

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