A horrible hack

Joie De Vivre

the North End

Year Released: 2010
Format: LP
Label: sncl - Count Your Lucky Stars
Reviewed by Nadia Almashoor on Nov 22, 2010
Think about the happiest moment of your life. Think about it again and again and all the possible versions of that memory. Hold that thought in a crystal glass and proceed to smash it against the furthest wall. Then watch every glittering shard splinter in every different direction. Stand paralyzed even if a diamond gets into your eye. You wonít go blind. You were already blinded before.

Whatever you believe in and hold true will one day turn its back against you and fuck you up left right and all over. Again and again. The North End is a beautiful reminder to acknowledge this painful existence. It is a reminder that you do not need to make excuses that you are fine. It is a reminder that even if you are fine and content, there is a dormant volcano in you that should not be denied and unattended to. That you should not be illusioned and to remember where you are headed to.

Joie De Vivre do not celebrate nostalgia. Instead, they made your past remember you. Once again, they lived up to their name and succeed to deliver their message strong and crystal clear. Theyíve got the puritansí and traditionalistsí stamps of approval way before The North End, so there is no reason for you to linger and contemplate any longer. For in ĎSundaysí alone they are able to capture the magic of early Sunny Day Real Estate, Promise Ring, Christie Front Drive, Mineral and Ethel Meserve all in one go, I really cannot see what else is stopping you.

Donít hesitate. Donít look back. And Donít Forget to Breathe.

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