A horrible hack

Turn Away

To the Open Sea

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Lucifer's Legions
Reviewed by Michael Stewart on Dec 2, 2010
Were evidence ever needed that the use of the phrase “passionate hardcore” as a marker for bands heavily influenced by Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today and the rest of the Revelation Records catalogue is a crock, then here it is. There can be few vocalists who come across more dispassionate than Turn Away’s frontman. Only by the third track do his throaty incantations – the words ‘growl’ or ‘yelp’ would be over-selling this by far – even approach sounding genuinely involved, and by the next song it all seems to be evaporating again. For large swathes of To the Open Sea, the man may as well be reading from a lyrics sheet. That a German singing in English might have to deal with a language barrier is potential mitigation, but his delivery indisputably hinders the record. And when his band mates decide to jump ship from their competent but bland melodic hardcore for a riff straight out of street punk 101 on the penultimate track, the disc moves from threatening as much to actually becoming adrift in a sea of mediocrity.

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