A horrible hack

Deaf to Van Gogh's Ear

Assume Deviousness

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Samuel Fowler on Dec 2, 2010
I think their name is a pun about art. Art jokes, gosh! To say that Deaf to Van Goughs Ear are a little different would be a fair statement. Different to what? different to everything really. Especially to whatever it is you might be expecting.

The title track manages to steer a course between unassuming pop, and the offkilter-ness of something in the direction of Karate. DTVGE (acronym time!) have a bit of a penchant for instrument swapping live, and this tends to mean that the songs are very complex, feature lots of instuments, and they dabble in shifting time signatures. I'm usually scared by bands who do lots of these things, but here they make sure they don't get carried away. They manage to remain fairly grounded playing charming pop songs with slightly jarring mathy bits

"Just so Hipster" (the second song) carries along in the same vein, except with more twinkles. Not sure what to make of the song title, it sounds like Ruyard Kipling updated for the Vice generation. The disc rounds out with three remixes which vary in quality..

I also really like the packaging, it all folds out very aesthetically into a single sheet with information on both sides. They include the song in sheet music form, meaning the listener can play along at home! (its probably a bit more complicated than that)

A little gem of a release here then, from a band that seem to derive a slightly unwholesome delight in trying to set about things in a slightly different manner. Great live too.

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