A horrible hack

Athens Polytechnic

Selling Out Fast

Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: Lost London
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Dec 14, 2010
I am trying to make some joke about the band name and student situation but failing miserably. Anyway. Musically, Athens Polytechnic come across like a bunch of snotrag punk kids huffing glue and digging the Shitty Limits. This is spikey, ramshackle punk rock with a sprinkling of hardcore thrown in to give it a rougher, tougher edge. They kind of give themselves away though at the start of "Where Did All The Young Men Go", when a well spoken young man utters "I don't remember that". All the snarling and boarish behaviour that they bundle out over these 5 quickfire tracks may or may not be the real deal, but what the heck. This is lively, fun music that could sound track a bunch of hooded youths throwing molotovs through Conservative central HQ very nicely indeed. OIOI, UP THE FUCKEN PUNX! SiD's NOT DEAD!!

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