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Quantis - Coma Regalia


Year Released: 2010
Format: 7"
Label: Middleman Records
Reviewed by Nadia Almashoor on Jan 5, 2011
Quantis (ex-Kias Fansuri, ex-Utarid) from Malaysia go down that same flavoured path they love so well. Everything the French and Italians did and maybe a dash of Tristan Tzara. Three tracks, all fashioned the same way, not varying much from each other. I was seriously expecting more from these kids seeming as they’ve got their influences in the right order. Hopefully, their future efforts will prove me wrong. Also, can we save the handclaps for live shows, please? Come on, boys. That's so 2004 and you should know better.

Significant other American counterparts, Coma Regalia from Indiana, completely blew me over with unfuckinbelievable 20th century / early 00's hardcore goodness. Oh my. Rewind back to the time when you couldn't shut up about 'Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!' In particular tracks 'Lights Out', 'And The Cat Turned To Smoke' and 'I am Neitzche'. Those ones. Also rewind back to when Racebannon was on Witching Hour (well, surprise surprise...). In particular, the B-side tracks of their ‘Most complete Volume...’ 7".

Those ones. Also rewind back to The Red Scare's 'Capillary Lockdown'. The entire album.

CR's got the grooves down and while the dual vocals are harsh, they're not the irritatingly high pitched types that leave you all worn out and exhausted. I swear, I fuckin' love 'Asinine Equations' to bits. I had to listen to this on repeat yesterday, it almost got me late for work! Intros with pounding drumwork, really brooding repetive riffs, wail of desperation and suddenly, complete silence for about 5 seconds. Then BANG! Off the wall maniacal fury with that same riff you heard at the start, collapsing an entire whirling moshpit . Timing for breakdown is so spot on with hauntingly woeful pleas lingering in the background amidst all the frenzied screaming agony and then it comes to a nice solid finish. Chest-stabbing. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys. Did I mention that they're just a 2-piece act? Fuckin' amazing.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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