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Bars of Gold

Of Gold

Year Released: 2010
Format: LP
Label: Friction Records
Reviewed by Chaz Hewitt on Jan 20, 2011
When I was 15 I went to San Francisco and a guy in a record shop forced me to buy a record by BearvsShark. My young ears loved that shit, and for years it was a favourite record. I haven’t listened to them for sometime now, but still hold them dear, so I was suitably shocked/nostalgic when I put this record on and instantly recognised the guys voice as that of the singer from the shark band.

From anyone who was into that band, you’ll remember that the singer had a pretty distinctive voice, and for that reason it’s hard not to compare Bars of Gold to his former band to some extent. Musically, this is pretty different though. Some of the tracks sound like slowed down Americana stuff (banjos going wild etc), and others sound like 80s pop, with matching guitar and keyboard lines which are forgivably cheesy, all brought together with the urgency of the guys voice.

Whatever it does or doesn’t sounds like this record is a real grower and more than anything it is very fun. The songs I found annoying on first listen have slowly crept into my head.

Can’t see myself returning to this lots, but theres a couple of real gems on here (‘birds’/’heaven has a heater’), and I’m totally going to dig out ‘Terrorhawk’ later.

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