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Dynamic Truths

Understanding is Overrated

Year Released: 2010
Format: LP
Label: little black cloud
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Feb 8, 2011
I can struggle to find websites reviewing new music that I am interested in hearing. One that does a good job of picking out stuff I know I will like though is Doug Mosurock's blog, Still Single. On there you can find a vast array of reviews of obscurely obscure and slightly less obscure vinyl. They often lay into things I quite enjoy, generally for being less than innovative. But they also manage to dig out lesser known indie rock records that are essential listening. Without Still Single, I wouldn't have come across Dynamic Truths, and that in itself makes reading every review they ever write worth it, just in case...


Dynamic Truths was a band from the 90s. In the 90s, indie rock was amazing. Dynamic Truths are sort of semi-emo, probably not what they were going for. The rhythms are stripped down and post punk, with an element of the good side of the Flying Nun 80s sound thrown in there too (the stuff I have heard at least). It's a great combination, and not a comparison I feel adequately informed to properly make, but there you go, that's what you're getting. For one I do feel OK, with... I guess I would say Tubers. Even in the vocals at times. I mean, jump straight into "With the Angels", which drives along emphatically, the scratchy vocals and recording adding extra feeling to everything. Coming out of the chorus the guitars chime just like Broccoli. And man alive, "Behind the Killer..." has to be one of the best indie rock songs I have ever heard. The intro to sounds like the Hated. And on "Total Victory" some of the awesome spiralling riffs are copybook Indian Summer. Heh.

There is so much packed into here, and it is the perfect blend of indie rock melody and punk energy that so many 1990s bands captured and so few bother to attempt these days. Or at least attempt in a good fashion. Like ripping off Superchunk is even a valid thing to do now that Superchunk made such a fine new LP. Yet on this album you step from quality song to quality song, there is no let up, and you have to wonder how on earth this fell by the wayside for so long? Or do I really have such stupid taste in music that I get blown away by an album of old recordings from a band no-one ever gave a shit about?

I think there were only 130 or so of these made, but it's still available. I know at least 6 people who bought a copy too. Ridiculous. Make this OOP, ASAP.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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