A horrible hack

Most Precious Blood

Do Not Resucitate

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Trustkill
Reviewed by David Giles on Mar 7, 2011
It feels like Most Precious Blood have been around forever and that Iíve taken notice. To paraphrase a friend: theyíve always struck me as a completely mediocre metallic dirge and Iíve stayed clear. I had heard from a few new friends that this record was solid and thought Iíd try it out for a change of pace. Well, in short itís not solid. This record is a caricature of mediocre late-Hatebreed/Madball vaguely chun Ďhardcoreí thatís easy on both the hard and the core. Maybe add in a little of that Bleeding Through Trustkill sound to boot. Iím not going to front; there were a few times on this record they broke out the archetypal hardcore parts (2 step etc.) and I was set to mosh but Iím sure thatís a relic of being an overenthusiastic mosh kid than anything positive about this record. Itís been a while since I said something was total shit and I feel a bit guilty about not being more aggressive in slating this but, genuinely, itíd be a waste of time to think up something witty to say about a record like thisÖ and by the sound of things itíd go right over the heads of both band and fans alike. Donít try new (old) things in 2011. Everything bad you would assume about this LP is correct. Radio rock. Avoid.

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