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Spin Spin the Dogs

Leave Me in Leicester

Year Released: 2011
Format: LP
Label: Gringo
Reviewed by Morris Breadknife on Mar 11, 2011
Aah now this is more like it. Spin Spin the Dogs are a band spawned from the murky pastures of the English midlands whose music inhabits the same oddball weirdosphere as other UK bands like Cleckhuddersfax, Bilge Pump or the Jelas.

Comin straight from the ever reliable UK skronk factory that is Gringo Records, this is an LP comprised of nine utter barking bonkers out of their tree couple sandwiches short of a picnic new wave cartoon fart rock spasms which some folks would no doubt peg as utterly pretentious Dadaist art wank before slinking off themselves for a crafty one whilst watching the Review Show. But what do these people know. What, in the end does anybody know.

This in fact sounds more like just a bunch of mateys having a laugh with frivolous surrealism and whilst it is certainly nuts this record is herefore about as lofty as a bungalow full of Viz reading midgets. Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Spike Milligan, Vic n Bob. No one ever called any of these cats pretentious. No one ever called Pablo Picasso an asshole.

Anyhow Spin Spinís songs are undeniably dominated by the singer dude who comes bounding out of your speakers like a more lovable Mark E Smith or a psychedelic Biafra or Beefheartís midlands love child to cramp up your living room with his massive irrepressible personality before adjourning to the kitchen where he covers his face with yer Marmite and does a strange little dance especially for you whilst gibbering on about scary cats and conkers and beans. But donít forget the rest of the band, cos thereís some quality shit goin on here underneath all this mania: the smashing guitar hook, Watt style bass and subsequent guitar/voice/drum thump to freakout on Head Nose Teef Toe, the triplet drum spank and poptastic backing vocals of Digging and Driving, the hilarious casio jive of Sadam Insain.

Although kinda hard to digest at first, this grows on you like a delightful little wart. Irreverent, fun and highly recommended. WAHEY.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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