A horrible hack

Anti You

Two-Bit Schemes And Cold War Dreams

Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: Six Weeks
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Mar 11, 2011
Let's face it: the mere prospect of listening to a hardcore CD with nigh-on 30 tracks splashed across it can be genuinely exhausting. Things blur, beats repeat and a lack of ingenuity that might be masked over the course of a punchy lil 7" begins to drain a mere four or five songs in. Anti You hailing from Italy wouldn't know anything about any such tawdry lack of imagination, this here sprawling effort (featuring the LP, two 7"s and a couple of hitherto unreleased cover tracks) blasting past in manic fashion and somehow managing to ensure each and every song maintains its own distinct personality, be it thanks to a rangy guitar lick, catchy vocal hook or the background wooaahhs that give 'Punks Quit' an added kick up the arse. The whole thing's fucking FAB, and if you're remotely interested in old ragers like the Zero Boys and the Angry Samoans or modern hollerers such as Career Suicide, Regulations or Deep Sleep then you'll be slobbering down your front before the first track's 50 seconds are even halfway through.
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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