A horrible hack



Year Released: 2011
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Stuart Bartlett on Mar 21, 2011
This Refractionís first full length, 6 tracks of instrumental post rock. Iíve listened to it twice now, once with headphones and once on my sound system. It made more sense the second time round for whatever reason. For the most part the songs seem to be never ending, if they cut down the songs by a few minutes, these guys would have had a really strong record. Whereas what they ended up with is some really interesting ideas, mashed together with some really boring and frankly uninteresting ideas. For a first full length release though, it does have promise, at certain points the light and shade of tracks such as Mortal are fantastic, as is the song. But for example the opener, Light Fades starts off BIG and in your face, after a minute it turns into a more intricate laid back affair, repeating the similar structure of Loud/Quite/Loud/Quite throughout. The track is 9 minutes long, it could have been 5minutes and great, the length totally took away from the exciting parts of the song. At about the 6 minute mark itís as if they ran out of ideas. Maybe if the tracklist was in a different order it may have worked better, I canít quite put my finger on it. I would say itís defiantly a work in progress. If youíre into instrumental post rock, check this out and you may find that ďsomethingĒ, which was missing for me.

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