A horrible hack



Year Released: 2008
Format: Tape
Label: Slow Fidelity
Reviewed by Stuart Bartlett on Mar 22, 2011
Another release with next to no information, apart from the bands and record label initials. The only reason I know itís the labels initials is down to the fact Iíve reviewed another tape on the label and noticed this on their website! Hahah. What we have here is Paul Joyner (P.J.B) joined by James Reichard of (Body Cop, Nihilith, Rue The Day) on guitar. This release features 3 instrumental tracks of minimalistic stoner styled riffs, which break through every now and again against the backing of heavy sythns. The tracks included here have a very improvised feeling to the way they flow. The synths/noise etc, it could be actual precise instruments, but the lack of information makes it hard to decipher! They bring with them a more heavy droning pysch output on the first 2 pieces, on the last track they are more upbeat and complement the more rocking style of the track. The production, if any, is low, I had to crank the stereo up high which lead to a lot of hissing, to hear it at a reasonable volume. The tapes look hand dubbed so maybe thatís the reason for the low sound output, the name of the artist is even hand scraped into the cassette itself! Hahah. This and the Moon Pie Ep has brought to my attention a new label and two interesting bands worth keeping an eye on.

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