A horrible hack

Moon Pie

Ep + Improvisation

Year Released: 2010
Format: Tape
Label: Slow Fidelity
Reviewed by Stuart Bartlett on Mar 30, 2011
This is a reissue of Moon Pie’s Ep, with an added B side which is a 13 minute improvisation from the new line up, now with Paul Joyner of P.J.B on Drums/Percussion/Synth. On first listen what struck me most was the use of so many different instruments but with next to no information included with the release, I did a bit of research online and came across a webpage informing me that one of the members does circuit bending, so check out what she’s produced here:


Side A is comprised of 6 tracks of obscure experimental fun “pop” music, a complete array of synth/flute/noise/ percussion/vocals/toys and whatever else they decided to throw into the mix, I’m sure I even heard a Kazoo?! An interesting venture into the unknown for myself but I enjoyed the ride and what they were offering. Side B, being the improvised side, is more drawn out than Side A, with its’ quite short simplistic tracks. Starting around a plucked guitar and gradual swathes of noise, the vocals come and go, delicate and miniscule. The percussion section comes into play more in the middle to end section of the piece, at some points you can hear them actually playing with the toys! The noises they get from the circuit bent toys sounded wild, it all comes to a bit of an abrupt end, as if someone got bored and switched the recording device off. Side B definitely felt as if they’d just thrown it together as an added bonus, with it being a re-release. A rather interesting release which needs more time for discovery. I’d like to hear the new line up produce more tracks in the vain of Side A for sure!

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