A horrible hack

Brain F

So Dim

Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: Grave Mistake
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Mar 31, 2011
So Alex Fuckin' Deller reviewed some other 7" by these guys and made it sound a bit good so figured I'd snitch this off the incoming pile and see what I thought.

What I thought is that this is the kind of ugly punk rock I can get firmly in line with. Two short and effective blasts that revolve around a blown out sound, with a dude and a gal smuggling their vocals out under the cover of fuzzness. Played back to back with that other 7" on Static Shock you might start to settle into a groove but here you are just relentlessly flipping the wax to see if you can find one bit in one of the songs that might stick in your head once it's over. In fact I am not yet convinced that they haven't just pressed the same song on both sides of the blasted thing.

This is lurking ominously behind Gun Outfit, uncertain whether to stalk them or simply smack them over the head with an improvised weapon and run off laughing. Short yet not remotely sweet, I believe that approximately 10 inches of this grunged up scuzz would be most palatable indeed.

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