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Kissss Thissss

Year Released: 2011
Format: LP
Label: Specialist Subject
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 4, 2011
Always sweet to get big vinyl in the mail for review, so cheers to Specialist Subject Records for pinging this over! Or maybe it was the other label. Thing is, I can't work out who the other label is (other than it is the acronym SWFU). Sorry other label. If it is even another label. Anyway, Snakes are Welsh pop punkers, and they have an 'introductory song', which kind of lets you know what they're up to ... "We're the snakes, don't tread on us", and stuff. This is super basic poppy punk, the kind of shit that I would see all the time when I started getting into this stuff when going to visit the man Cavell in Southampton to see Discount or whatever. They'd always be this shambolic moron pop punk band playing first. And I don't mean that in a bad way. They would all be drunk and falling about and maybe insulting their 5 friends who were spilling beer all over the 'dance floor' and being obnoxious dorks. I hope Ssssnakes are obnoxious dorks, I certainly get that feeling from their record cover and the insert picture of a fat dude's legs with his pants round his Vans. Anyways, the music here is pretty sloppy and stupid, but it has a certain charm. I think if you are from Swansea and hang out with these bros and know the in jokes then you will fucking love it. If you are not, then they will probably play local to you in some grotty bar in the near future supporting a much cooler Yankee band who breezed on in expecting sweetness and light but are now discovering the cold harsh truth of touring the UK. You will probably enjoy Ssssnakes much more than the bitter, fed up Yanks who'd rather be sitting back home on a porch swigging 40s.

So yeah, pretty disposable but still good for 20 odd minutes of boozed up foolishness that makes me think being 20 wasn't that bad after all in some ways, I guess.

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