A horrible hack

Sissy Spacek

Vanishing Point

Year Released: 2011
Format: 7"
Label: To Live A Lie
Reviewed by Stuart Bartlett on Apr 12, 2011
Total old school noisecore worship from the USA. I think Iím right in that this 7Ē was recorded at the same session at their Gutter Splint 7Ē, which just happened to arrive today also. I can use the information from that release to tell you we have Drums/Vocals/Electronics making up these 6 short and unforgiving bursts, lasting 1min 30seconds, of true noisecore. Weise takes up the part of Mr. Blurrrrr with his electronics, mixed into the affray is some sick hyperblasting snares sections from Mumma, and mangled sporadic distorted vocals courtesy of Ronnau. Itís always refreshing to hear new releases (even though this was recorded back in Nov í08, haha) which are still in the vein of older noisecore, and not just pathetic grindcore bands who canít play well. If your into Seven Minutes of Nausea/Nikudorei/OLD A.C./OLD Meatshits/ Arsedestroyer, you get the idea, do yourself a favour a spend a couple of pounds buying this! This comes presented as a black 1 sided flexi, ltd to 250, so NOISEFREAKS DONT DELAY!
Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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