A horrible hack

Go Rydell

The Golden Age

Year Released: 2010
Format: CD
Label: Black Numbers
Reviewed by Damien Mills on Apr 14, 2011

Go Rydell then man, heard this shit quite a few times before but this is still pretty good. Crazy upbeat melodic hardcore influenced by the usual post-Lifetime suspects with some dry as fuck Gunmoll-with-tonsilitis styled vocals...i mean seriously man, that shit sounds PAINFUL and to be honest initially got on my tits but i guess after a few songs i kinda got used to it, in fact i think i now quite like them and it probably helps them stay the right side of shit old epiphat type dross, know what i mean? but yeah, y'know, what i'm saying is, basically, if we ever get a summer this could well end up as part of the soundtrack to it, no messing, just rock. Ch-check it out

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